Specializing in Personalized Baby Gifts for Over 30 Years
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About Us

The Making of Neat Stuff Gifts

Neat Stuff Gifts is the joining of two loves. Literally!

Owners Carol and Cliff Meyer are happily married, and over two decades ago they decided to combine both their loves to start a business together.

Cliff was a national award winning salesman representing top-of-the-line children’s products -- but his dream was to have his own business. 

Carol was an award winning writer/producer who worked for some of the world’s best ad agencies, including Young and Rubicam. Her childhood dream, however, was to paint.

One day while working in northern New Jersey, Cliff called on a small store that carried personalized gifts. He was very impressed with their hand painted items. Instantly he knew this was the perfect business for the two of them. He rushed home to tell Carol. Right then and there, Neat Stuff was born.

But where did they get that name? 

As a sales rep, Cliff stored all his toy samples in a huge walk-in closet at the house. Their young daughter, Gretchen, could not resist showing it off to her friends when they came over. She would swing open the door to that closet and all the kids would gasp and say, "Wow! Look at all this neat stuff!"

Their First Store

One of the pioneers in the field of personalization, Neat Stuff first opened its doors in Somerset, NJ in 1989. Later Carol and Cliff opened a second store in Hillsborough, NJ. Then, while the internet was still in its infancy, they became one of the first businesses to open an e-commerce site.

Neat Stuff Today

Known for their personalized baby gifts, today, as always, Neat Stuff focuses on providing unique customized products and excellent customer service. All of the artwork you see on Neat Stuff's hand painted pieces is designed by Carol -- and she still enjoys painting many of the orders herself. 

After all these years, many of their original customers are still shopping with them. Some are second generation. These are the kids who grew up with a roomful of "neat stuff” and are now acquiring gifts for their own family and friends.

One thing is for sure. If you want a gift that’s different, something that will really impress your gift recipients, you can’t go wrong if it comes from Neat Stuff Gifts. And don’t be surprised when your gift recipient opens their present if you hear them say, "Wow!  This really is neat stuff.”