Puzzle Step Stool - Natural with English & Hebrew Letters

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Step up to a new tradition

Traditionally, children did not start their education until they started school. Today, however, kids are learning at a much younger age. Learning tools, like thispuzzle step  personalized stool make it fun and easy for them to learn to spell their name in Hebrew and in English - even while they're toddlers. The stool also gives kids a boost to reach the sink or potty.


  • Up to 11 English letters & 9 Hebrew characters - First Name Only
  • Helps teach kids how to spell their name in both languages
  • Also teaches eye-hand coordination & color recognition
  • Sturdy wood construction in natural finish 


Ships in 3-4 weeks

Allow 2-4 days for delivery from IL

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Instructions for ordering Hebrew name

  1. Translate the child's name into Hebrew & print it out.
  2. Compare the child's Hebrew name to the Hebrew Chart, which is pictured on the bottom half of the page below (where you order).
  3. Beside each Hebrew character is a number. Choose the corresponding numbers that represents the Hebrew letters for your child's name.
  4. The Hebrew characters will be on the stool from left to right. So enter the numbers accordingly, placing the numbers as you want them to appear on the stool (looking left to right). We will not reverse them. The name on the sample stool is Michael: 13,1,11,10,14
  5. When ordering, enter the corresponding number for the Hebrew character separated by a comma.
  6. Up to 9 Hebrew characters maximum


Add a Personal Message to the Stool's Bottom

To make your stool truly a keepsake, you can have a special message engraved on the bottom. You have up to 6 lines with 30 letters per line. The lettering size may vary according to the length of the message. Additional $12.00 fee.



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