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Top Sellers Word Cloud

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What is a "Word Cloud" ?

A word cloud is a visual representation of how often certain words appear (for example in a speech, or in a book).
The larger the word is, the more often that word is used.
We use word clouds so that our customers can get a flavor of the kind of products that we sell, and different aspects of those products.
Our "Products Word Cloud" shows you how often words appear in our products.
Our "Top Sellers Word Cloud" shows you how often words appear in our products, but weighted for top-selling items (ie the more a product sells, the larger its size, so it's weighted by selling popularity as well as by the number of times the word is used).
These words are not necessarily related to our product categories, or even product names, but more that they appear a lot in the product descriptions, so they tend to be descriptive words rather than nouns.
We currently show the top 150 words in our word cloud.
The words are shown with different sizes depending on their usage, but they're also shown in alphabetical order so that it's easy to find out if a given word is in the list.
Words that are just regarded as "irrelevant noise" (such as "this" or "the") are not included in the word cloud.
Word Clouds are a great way for our customers/visitors to get an instant "feel" for the kind of stuff we sell without having to look at all the categories etc.
Click Here to read more about Word Clouds (or "Tag Clouds" as they're also known).
You can click on any word above to get a list of products that have that word in it.

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