Trick or Treat with Neat Stuff Gifts

Halloween brings back so many memories of my childhood. It was always so much fun dressing up in something bewitching and going door-to-door trick or treating with all my friends. I always got a huge bag full of candy, and it was thrilling to dump it all out on the table to see which treats I would gobble down first!

School was fun too. All the kids got to dress up in their Halloween Costumes, and then each class paraded around the playground for the school’s Halloween contest. They awarded prizes for the scariest, the most original, and the best costumes. When I was in the third grade, I made up my own costume and won the Most Original prize. It was very exciting! As it turns out, that was one of my very first original creations.

Halloween is still very exciting for me, as it is for most of us. Of course, I no longer go trick or treating, but I do enjoy shopping for terrific Halloween items for my customers. This year Cliff and I brought in a bunch of new things we think you’ll like, including personalized Trick or Treat Bags, decorative flags and door mats, and even some adorable kid’s apparel to celebrate this fun season! Halloween is a couple of weeks away, but you still have time to check out all our ‘Spooktacular’ gifts available here. And you can get a coupon to save on all your favorite items now at our Facebook Page.

This cute little Personalized Onesie, which says “Baby’s First Halloween,” is an example of one of the new items we’ve introduced this year. It’s ideal for a tiny baby, since he or she is too small to wear areal costume.Now they too can celebrate.

Kids aged 6-12 love this adorable Personalized Batman Sweater. It’s made of 100% cotton. And since the Dark Knight isn’t just for Halloween, children can wear it all year round. Parents who don’t want their kids to have all that candy like to give something like this, which is an exciting replacement.

If you’re like me, you love decorating your home for Halloween. We’ve brought in door mats and other decorative items, like this Personalized Halloween Garden Flag to greet trick or treaters as well as guests. You can check out this flag now here.

Have a wonderful Halloween from everybody at Neat Stuff Gifts. Trick or Treat!

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