Remembering Our Beloved Grandparents

With Grandparents Day coming up in a few days, it has brought back so many memories of my own grandmother and grandfather. They raised me, so they were extra special.Grandparent's Photo for Blog

Among my favorite memories is Granny’s delicious home-cooked meals. Every Sunday morning, she would arise early and prepare a fresh chicken she plucked right out of our own hen house. Then she put it in the oven on very low heat, and by the time we got home from church, the house smelled absolutely heavenly. Her desserts were also scrumptious. I especially enjoyed her homemade apple pies and apple dumplings.

My husband and business partner, Cliff, also fondly remembers his grandparents. He said he can still smell his grandfather’s Old Spice Aftershave!

Grandparents truly are special. That’s why we have set aside a holiday to honor them. If you want to make your grandparents feel extra special, a personalized grandparent gift will definitely do the trick. Like the silver Grandparent’s Picture Frame  shown above.

Personalized Pie PlateAt Neat Stuff we offer a unique selection of personalized gifts for grandparents.  My grandmother would have loved this Personalized Pie Plate for all her homemade pies!

And I’m sure Cliff’s grandfather would have really appreciated this adorable Grandpa Picture Frame.  Order this frame and add a favorite photo of grandpa with his grandchildren for a gift he’ll cherish.

Grandpa Picture FrameWhat grandmother wouldn’t love this adorable Grandma Picture Frame with a photo of her lovely granddaughters.

Grandma Picture FrameAnother great gift for the two of them is this set of Personalized Ice Cream Bowls that features a stick figure of a beloved grandparent on each bowl. They are absolutely precious! Set of Ice Cream Bowls for Grandparents

No matter what gift you give your grandparents, you can be sure if it’s personalized, they’ll be tickled pink.

Have a wonderful time celebrating Grandparent’s Day with your grandparents. It will create memories you’ll carry with you, and  later in life they will become more precious than you could ever imagine.